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The Senses

July 25, 2010

Unexpected real-life issues have made it difficult to keep up the planning work behind these blog entries, so for now I’ll just generate some vocabulary. The main method which I have been doing so, semi-randomly but in a way meant to make all the words within a particular category as distinct as possible (probably to an unrealistic degree) will only be used with things which can be grouped neatly into sixes. For the senses, I’m going with the “classic five” plus “emotion”. For now, I’ll leave it ambiguous whether “emotion” refers to feeling one’s own emotions or emphasizing with others or even both. (This was indirectly inspired by the fact that the ancient egyptians considered “thought” to be one of the senses.) The phonetic  pattern will be randomly matching each non-nasal sonorant with each vowel and each stop, in that order. This resulted in:

  • Emotion  –  jwyb
  • Hearing  –  jan
  • Sight  –  leng
  • Smell  –  hog
  • Taste  –  ljum
  • Touch  –  wid

I particularly like “ljum” and “jan”. Those somehow rather seem to fit “taste” and “hearing” respectively. “Hog” for “smell” seems pretty weird, I’m tempted to break the pattern and replace one of the letters. Might do that later. And then a completely random word for the senses collectively:

  • Senses, the  –  ujwuwineb

I don’t know why, but “ujwuwineb” seems to scream “this word is important!” File that away as a cultural possibility: the senses are particularly important in some manner. Also note that “ujwu” already means “yellow”, but that may not be much of an issue since this is an isolating language (compound words will be rare).

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