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July 14, 2010

So long as I’m semi-randomly generating things – let’s do colors! That’s another thing which can be easily numbered in sixes. Actually, from what (admittedly little) I know, 6 might actually be a bit high for a stone-age tribe. Some have only 3 or 4. Anyway, the linguistic relativity theory of color states that in languages with 6 colors, it’s most often black, white, red, yellow, green, blue. Good enough. Again using random word generation, I chose to pair off each color with each vowel, each non-nasal sonorant, and then 50% chance of O or U, in that order. And then a word for “color” which is completely random. Let’s see how that ends up…

Black  –  ylo
Blue  –  owu
Green  –  ajo
Red  –  ihu
Yellow  –  ujwu
White  –  elju
Color  –  ljiluly

“Ljiluly” feels like kind of a strange word – like the word itself has substance and I’m pushing it forward through my mouth. I don’t know if it’ll be kept it or not. While these words were “rolled up” earlier, I just realized that perhaps I should have done a word for “number” for the last post. Heck, might as well come up with a word for “word” too, just ‘cuz.

Number  –  oneb
Word  –  yji

Those seem fine. Now let’s hold off with any further words until I’m absolutely certain whether or not there will be any dipthongs or consonant clusters.

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